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This is still a work in progress. It may be changed in the future.

FishScript is another fish language made by User:Watermelon3D. It is largely a work in progress.


FishScript is made up of fish and waves in the ocean. The syntax and commands are subject to change.

<><  Represents one unit of fish.
~    Doubles fish in front of it.
>o   Pushes to the stack.
o<   Generic stack pop. Prints the ASCII character.
<P>< Peek at the top of the stack. Prints the ASCII character.
<D>< Pop but no print.
<DU>< Duplicate the top of the stack.
<S>< Swap the second and top of the stack.
<O>< Pushes the second item in the stack to the top while still being in the same position.
<V>< Gets input, and pushes to the stack for variables.
<DEF>< Define a function.
<CLOSE>< Close the function definition.
><V> Pop the variable stack.
><F> Pop the function stack (that will be used for different uses, e.g. if statements).

Any other characters are ignored by the interpreter.


Hello World



There are a few interpreters, including:

Watermelon3D's reference repo

Willicoder's repo