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A weird programming language that explains using files to do the work for the interpreter. (No interpreter yet)
It has weird files on your computer that only FileCode understands the extension of.
You must use & and not a new line to separate commands.
It is for experimenting, and it is created by User:Rdococ.

A program that fiddles with variables, and explains the use of comments: (Beware: This is quite hard to learn!)

/ inputs " /var/new/ inputs "var" & /var/increment/increment.scr inputs "var" "2" & /var/decrement/decrement.scr inputs "var" "2" & /!This is a comment!/ & /comment/add/create.scr inputs "This is the equlivent to the comment before this command" & /var/increment/increment.scr inputs "var" "1" & /var/increment/increment.scr inputs "var" "3" & /!The above does 2 commands one after another, used with the if command!/ & /if/ inputs var "2" /var/increment/increment.scr inputs "var" "2" & /!Comments on it's own!/" "

Other commands

A list of other commands.


/ inputs "Join this" " and this together!"


/print/print.scr inputs "I print this."

Asking for no apparent reason

(scrboc means Script/Command as Boolean Counterpart)

Deleting a variable

/var/del/delvar.vd inputs "varname"

Ending a program

/endprogram.exi inputs ""

Starting a program's scripts

(if not placed, error will show up)
/ inputs "codehere"

Other booleans

/ inputs " inputs "2" "2" "
/ inputs "2" "2"
/ inputs "2" "1"
/ inputs "2" "3"
/ inputs "Do you exist?" "Yes."

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