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FRM, or Forced Runtime Manipulation is a language that requires runtime manipulation. Each line must be executed in its original state, and then after being manipulated.

Code examples

<T>anyvar="something";   //Declare a new variable
%-1 <T> -> string;              //% means replace, in this case <T> is replaced with string. The number after % is the line.
%-2 "something" -> "Hello, World!";
@execute    //After % (or after a row of %) an execute has to follow, which calls the last line not starting with %
%-1 <T> -> string;
%-2 "" -> ".";   //We need to declare novar, else we can not push it to the stack.
push novar;  //Push
%-1 push -> pop;
%-2 novar -> anyvar;
%-3 pop -> print;  //just for demonstration
thisisaline="line";  //if no type is specified, it MUST be a string
%-1 this -> string ;
%-2 isaline -> line; 
%-4 line -> line2;
//This would create three (thisisaline,line and line2) variables with same value.

Interpreters should look for things like this...

int x=5;
%-1 x -> dummy;
%-2 dummy -> x; 

... and should not allow such manipulations.