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This page is a parody to turing completeness.

A programming language is said to be Entropy-complete if any taken combination of its set of instructions can be run as a valid program. that is to say, that it can run any program which uses its subset of instructions.

Relationship to computation

One of the more common misconceptions about Entropy-completeness is that it is something that can run any program without raising an error (and that, conversely, any programming language that raises an error is not entropy complete.)

Rather entropy completeness refers to the possibility of a programming language to run every possible instruction as intended. Game of Life, for example, has no conflicting instructions and is entropy complete.


A language in which the a sign, say /, is divined as divide stack by x will break its entropy-completeness. ( x/0 is not possible)
However by re-defining / to push NaN if stack is 0 and otherwise divide by x the language can be entropy complete nonetheless.


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