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elfroh is an esoteric programming language created by user Larryrl, in 2022, whose name is an acronym for Esoteric language From Hell.


The transpiler, which is coded using Qb64, takes elfroh source files as input and produces qb64 code for output which can be compiled on windows using QB64 Phoenix edition.


The syntax of the language is a bit tricky as every character in the source code must be a symbol and it takes 2 symbols to make a letter or number.

The External link below is to the source code written in QB64 which at the end of it shows which symbol pairs make up which letters, numbers and even other symbols.

  • data is translated from symbols to letters and numbers
  • Jumping from place to place within a source code is supported
  • limnited math functions
  • a very limited subset of basic


Viewing the source code, and reviewing the case statements in it, you can easily view the translate subroutine and figure out the keywords for the language.


This example will print the classic "Hello World" greeting:

Hello World #1 In elfroh

(])[!? )(!)][][]!  ?)]!)[][!(^^

The QB64 output is

print hello world!

This example creates an endless loop but also prints hello world!.

][(] (])[!? )(!)][][]!  ?)]!)[][!(^^ !(]!

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