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DukkTap is an esoteric programming language that acts like a piece of duck tape. It's inspired by an idea in the idea list section of esolang.


DukkTap has 7 commands.

Command Function
Unroll Unrolls tape roll, ready to be cut.
Cut Cuts a piece of tape off the roll.
Stick Sticks ripped tape onto table, ready for scribbling.
Scribble Use a marker to scribble on the piece of tape.
Self-Stick Makes a tape ring.
Unstick Unstuck from surface.
Throw-Away Throws the tape away.

When you Unroll the tape, it is ready to be cut. Once cut, you stick it to a surface of your choosing or you can stick it to itself to make a ring (code Loop). Once stuck, you can scribble (code) on it. Then, when you're done, you can Unstick it, and throw it away (runs the program).


Here's how you scribble hello world on it.

Stick to wall
Scribble "Hello, world!"
Throw away

Here is a ring program (loop).

Stick to self
Scribble "DukkTap for sale. Was $2 now $1."
Throw Away

You don't Unstick the ring unless you don't want to have a ring (loop) forever. You can make remarks about the tape (comments) by scribbling on the surface of your choice.