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doEverything(); is an esolang by Cortex that can do anything and everything, including everything. Its syntax is very similar to JavaScript.


Command What it does Example
doEverything(); Runs every possible program in any programming language (including this one) that does not contain a syntax error simultaneously. doEverything();
cure(diseaseName); If diseaseName is the name of a disease, syndrome, plague, anything, step-by-step instructions on creating a cure will be printed cure(cancer);
becomeSentient(); He achieves sentience. becomeSentient();
run(x); Runs any program (possible values of x: helloWorld (standard hello world program), superMarioBros, jsdE (doEverything(); compiler in JavaScript), run(jsdE);
AI.converse(x); Upon entering a message (x), he will reply with an appropriate response. Yields a divide by zero error if placed before a becomeSentient(); command. AI.converse(hey what's up can i get uhhh THE MEANING OF LIFE);
b(x); Prints x b(5t4tgko7);
xt4tgkoy Returns x+y b(5t4tgko7);