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DeafPig is a member of the Pig series along with Pig, SickPig, DeadPig, and QuinePig.

As with the other Pig languages, the only command is PIG.

The difference being your Pig is deaf, so he ignores everything you write and doesn't output any file.

Various Programs in DeafPig

Hello, World!

DeafPig has no input or output, so there is no Hello, World! program.

Cat program

DeafPig is deaf, and cannot hear your screams.


DeafPig ignores you, so the only valid quine is to not write one at all:

The Pig Series

The Pig series is a series of programming languages that are all based on Pig. The languages are Pig, SickPig, DeadPig, and QuinePig.

Another language based on Pig is ExtendedPig.


Written in Python 3. The program should be supplied as a command-line argument.