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This is still a work in progress. It may be changed in the future.

Darmok is a programming language based off of the episode of Star Trek by the same name. It is based entirely on metaphor and references to folklore and mythology. The syntax is yet to be defined, but will likely be very vague, with many ways to write the same thing (reflecting the variety of myths that could be referenced).

The language will be largely dependent on libraries to define what different patterns mean. The libraries will map phrases to actual code to be executed when they are called. Phrases may come with arguments, but it is required that they be optional (with a logical default.)

Here is an example of what the code might look like:

From the legend of Jesus from TheBible: //Import the library %libir%/TheBible/Jesus.ext
    Shout from the mountain tops "Hello, world!" //Print "Hello, world!"

This is, of course, just an early speculative example. Also, not as metaphor-filled as the final code would be.

Darmok is an open language, meaning anyone is permitted to contribute to this page (which is the primary specification.)

This page needs to be cleaned up.