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Cvlemar is an esoteric programming language by User:Zzo38. A program is a map of lines connected to nodes. It does steps by sending each input node to all lines from that node, and sends output to the output nodes. If more than one number sending to a output node, all are added together. The syntax of each line is (in node) (out node) (command) (parameter)

Example: Cvlemar.jpg

a b C 1
b c M -1
b d E 2
c d A 0
c f L 0
d e E 1
e f R 5
  • C CONST = Put n to out node if in node is zero, otherwise out zero
  • V VAR = n is initial value. Put old value to out node, set new value to in value.
  • L LESS n = Output in value if is less than n, otherwise zero
  • E EQUAL n = Output in value if is equal to n, otherwise zero
  • M MULTIPLY n = Output n times in value
  • A ARRAY n = Put value of ARRAY[n OR i] to output (o), then flip bit stored in array.
  • R REGISTER n = Set stored value to (i * v + 1) MOD n, then send stored value to output. (No modulus if n=0)


XOR Gate is (takes 2 clock cycles):

in1 st M 1
in2 st M 1
st out E 1