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Cork is a programming language written by User:Imaginer1 drawing inspiration from Brainfuck and the Wang B-machine. Example programs include the adder ,>,<->>+<<!4>->+<!12>. and the multiplier ,>,<->->+>+<<!6>>-<<+>>!16<<<!4>>.


Character Command
> Move pointer right
< Move pointer left
+ Increment tape
- Decrement tape
![n] If the current cell is nonzero, jump to the nth instruction
. Output the current cell as a number
a Output the current cell as an ASCII character
, Prompt the user for numerical input and set tape under pointer to this value.
i Prompt the user for an ASCII character and set tape under pointer to this value.

Commands are numbered 0, 1, 2... etc. For example, the program


has its commands numbered as , being the zeroth command, !0 being the first command, > being the second command, and so on. The !0 indicates a jump to the zeroth command, the initial one in the program. Furthermore, the final ! in the program


does not indicate a jump to command 1, but a jump to command 12.

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