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Cheems, also known as Cheems# is a[n] esoteric Programming language built over the course of about.... 10 min at 23:45, September 17 2020.

Each command within cheems# corresponds to a pixel within a cheem image. [1]. Each pixels cheem value ((redvalue+greenvalue+bluevalue) * x pos + y pos) in the image will then be assigned an ASCII value based on a loop of the values. A data values loop after their max quantity. All pixels in which a cheem is not present (Blank Space) shalt be filled with white. Commands - Pointer default location is Top Left of the image.

c# - +2 to pointer

@ - -3 to pointer

% - +5 to pointer

^[] - reverse all pointer or arithimetic within the brackets (I.E # becomes #-, which is -2 to pointer)

// - Move Up

VVV - Move Left

cheemright - move up twice

cermfy - move down 51 times

cheemsburger - up down left right left right right right [execute code]

c; : - Loop code contained in ; :69 times. Nice

[] - All movements are doubled within these brackets

flammes - all previous code will be saved to a seperate file that is executed during emstinguish

emsinguish - code from the new flammes file will be executed.

amrithitic - a basic arithimetic function will be chosen based on the RGB value of the 2020 pixel in the cheem pixel in a loop (+, -, /, *)

varmiabale - store the cheem value of pixel 3412

calm varmiabale - call the saved cheem value.

mervm - pick up a pixel at the pointers location

drompf - drop the pixel at the pointers location