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Command Stack Language (CSL for short, CSLAAI2D* for long) is a 2D, stack-based programming language by User:Actuallyallama.

The language features two stacks - one for actual memory, one for instructions.

The instruction pointer works as it does in many languages. It is manipulated by directional commands, and will wrap around.

The difference in this language, is rather than immediately executing instructions, it instead adds the instruction to the top of the instruction stack and executes it when at a special execution instruction. Since it's a stack, all of the instructions will execute in reverse order to the order they are added.


Command Name Description
! EOF Terminate program.
e EXC Execute the command on top of the stack.
E EX2 Execute all commands on the stack.
v MDN Switches instruction direction
< MLT Switches instruction direction
> MRT Switches instruction direction
^ MUP Switches instruction direction
{ CLF If pop == 0, move left. Else, keep direction.
} CRF If pop != 0, move right. Else, keep direction.
1 ONE Push a 1 onto the stack.
D DUP Duplicate the top of the stack.
P PRT Pop the top of the stack and print it.
p PRA Pop the top of the stack and print it as ASCII character.
N PRN Print a line terminator.
+ INC Pop the top, increment it by 1, push it.
- DEC Pop the top, decrement it by 1, push it.
& ADD Pop the top two items, add them. Push result.
* MUL Pop the top two items, multiply them. Push result.
_ SUB Pop the top two items, subtract them. Push result.
~ SWT Switch the top two items.
| NUL Pop the top item, and discard it.
$ BRK Break out of mass execution (E).
? CEX If pop == 0, pop the top command and invoke. Else pop top command and discard.


Hello World:


provides the following output:

   Hello, World!


The file extension for code it runs is ".csl"

Interpreter in C#


  • Stands for "Command Stack Language (And Also In 2 Dimensions)"