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Simple low-level assembly-like programming language that focuses on being easy to "parse"


label _start:
  othervar: charget
  othervar+1: charget
  othervar+2: charget
  othervar: atoi 3     ; 3 bytes string (3 chars)
  myvar: set 3
  myvar: add 9
  myvar: add othervar
  myvar: itoa 2 3      ; 2 byte integer (16 bit) to 3 chars
  myvar: outchar
  myvar+1: outchar
  myvar+2: outchar

var myvar [3]u8        ; 3 byte array
var othervar [3]u8     ; 3 byte array

Example with macros (redefines the add macro defined in the stdlib):

macro (var pt->u8compatible) add (val imm=u8compatible):
  #switch arch
  #=bf @raw "$*var*$*times val char +*$:*val*$"
  #=x86 @raw "add $*var*$, *val*" 
  #=ezbrain @raw "do $*var*$ byteOp 0 add *val*"
  #- @error "inc macro does not support architecture"

label _start:
  myvar: add 3
var myvar u8