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Not to be confused with BrainCrash, published by ぬこ in 2008.

Braincrash is a useless programming language invented by User:TehZ, based on Brainfuck. It is made to only have 2 symbols (or you could call them commands), one of which is no-op, the other execute. It is an example of a turning tarpit.

So what is it?

Basically, it has a "command pointer" (CP, not IP), which is incremented after each command (including no-op). It points to one of the eight BF commands. It is sorted in this way:


The two commands available are " " and "!". " " is a no-op, while "!" executes the command pointed to by CP. After each step, the program increments the CP by one, and "mods" it by eight.

How am I supposed to write in this language?

You aren't, but here is a trick anyway. You start out with a file containing a line filled with "+-><.,[]" like this:


Then you add a line before that and start pressing space until you are over a BF character you want to use. When you are over one, press "!" and repeat. For example, when writing a cat program, here is the result:

     !!     !! !

Then you remove the second line, and you are finished.


     !!     !! !


This short Lua script converts braincrash into brainfuck. It treats all characters that aren't "!" as spaces, however:

io.stdin:read("*line"):gsub("()!", (function(loc) io.stdout:write(("+-><.,[]"):sub((loc-1)%8+1,(loc-1)%8+1)) end))

This is a BRB program that converts Braincrash into Brainfuck:


This is a Python program that converts Brainfuck into Braincrash

source = #Your code goes here
converted = ""
wheel = [">", "<", "+", "-", ".", ",", "[","]"]
while i < len(source):
    if wheel.count(source[i])<1:
        source = source[:i]+source[i+1:]
    elif wheel[x]==source[i]:
        converted += " "
    if x >= 8:
        x -= 8