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This is still a work in progress. It may be changed in the future.

Blackbox is a language created by User:CenTdemeern1 as a "Black box challenge" where only part of the documentation will be provided, and it's up to the community to figure out the rest.

The currently known rules and details for the challenge are:

  • Decompilation of the provided interpreter (written in C, stripped of symbols, platform-independent) is not allowed, at least for a (short) while after the challenge starts.
  • All the names of the commands in the instruction set will be provided at the start of the challenge
  • A few commands will have explanations and example code
  • Hints will be given over the course of the challenge
  • Brute forcing will be allowed

And since I don't think anyone should inherently trust me you can of course run it in a VM

— CenTdemeern1 (12/02/2021)

(More details and the interpreter will be published soon when the challenge starts!)