Binary pi-calculus

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Binary pi-calculus is a binary encoding of pi-calculus outlined in October of 2020 by User:RocketRace. It is to pi-calculus as binary lambda calculus is to lambda calculus.

Encoding scheme

Programs are encoded in prefix notation, using the following rules. Here, P & Q represent processes and x & y represent channels (names). _ represents an omitted argument.

  • 000: Nil process (0)
  • 001P: Repeatedly spawn copies of P (!P)
  • 010P: Bind name, then execute P ((v_)P)
  • 011PQ: Execute P and Q in parallel (P|Q)
  • 100xyP: Send bound or free name y over channel x, then execute P (x<y>.P)
  • 101xP: Receive and bind name over channel x, then execute P (x(_).P)
  • 110n0 where n is zero or more ones: the n-th bound name, where 1100 is the most recently bound name, 11010 is the second most recent, and so on
  • 111n0 where n is zero or more ones: the free name labeled with n

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