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BFX (BrainFuck Extended) is a language based on Brainfuck by Immibis.

New commands

(...) comment
{...} extension (see below)
 !... meta-data (until end of line, see below)
#!... Ignored if first line of file, otherwise normal processing applies

Supported extensions

None yet.

Meta-data format

There may be any number of meta-data lines, however they must be all at the beginning of the file. The behaviour of any meta-data lines after the first non-meta-data line are undefined

 !8bit use 8-bit cells (default)
 !16bit use 16-bit cells
 !32bit use 32-bit cells
 !64bit use 64-bit cells
 !unsigned use unsigned cells
 !signed use signed cells (default)

Official specification

See here.