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AnnoyStack is a stack-based language that is purposely created to be difficult to use, although hopefully turing complete. It also has an infinite tape, where each cell is of type char.


All programs must begin with one of:

repeat X - where X is a number of times for the program to loop

forever - loop the program forever

and end with:

end - ends program loop

Loops cannot be used more than once and are required, as the program must be within the loop.

It has the following instructions:

lft - move the tape left, if lft is inputted at cell 0, stay at cell 0.

radd - move the tape right and add 1 to the cell

push - push value in current cell to stack

pop - pop value from stack to current cell

inp - input keypress to current cell

outp - output character from current cell


Cat Program:





Computational Class

AnnoyStack is presumably Turing Complete, although there is no proof of it currently.