Absurd Brainfuck

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Absurd Brainfuck is a Brainfuck-derivative by Tailcalled. It is called 'absurd' because the side effects flow in the opposite direction of the data. In other words, when you change a cell, you change what it *was*, not what it is. This can lead to undecidable scenarios, of course.


Absurd Brainfuck has the commands of Brainfuck, but with a "slightly" different effect.

   +    Changes the current cell to be one higher in the past
   -    Changes the current cell to be one lower in the past
   >    Goes to the next cell in the past
   <    Goes to the previous cell in the past
   .    Outputs the current value of the current cell.
   ,    Reads a value and puts it in the current cell in the past.
   [p]  Executes p until the value of the current cell is 0.


Absurd Brainfuck has an infinite tape in *both* directions.

Computational Class

It is unknown how powerful Absurd Brainfuck is.