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2B is an esoteric programming language created by user:David.werecat in which memory is stored in a tape where each cell is a separate tape of bytes.


During these examples, the character " represents any number from 0-9 and the character _ represents a string of any length. Whenever 0 is used, it is interpreted as 10.

Instruction Description
0 Zeros the current cell. This function also clears the overflow flag.
{ If the current cell is zero, jump to the matching }.
} Do nothing. A placeholder for the { instruction.
( Read a byte from input and place in the current cell.
) Write the current cell's value to the console.
x Stores the value of the current cell in a temporary register.
o Writes the value in the temporary register to the current cell.
! Performs a carry operation. If the last addition overflowed, then increment the current cell by one. If the last subtraction underflowed, the decrement the current cell by one.
? Performs a binary NOT on the current cell.
+" Adds an amount to the current cell.
-" Subtracts an amount from the current cell.
^" Moves the subtape up a number of times.
v" Moves the subtape down a number of times.
<" Moves the tape left a number of times.
>" Moves the tape right a number of times.
:_: Defines a label with name _.
*_* Jumps to a label of name _. If the label is not within the current function, then the behavior of the jump is undefined.
@_@ Calls a function of name _.
~_~ Defines a function of name _. The function is treated as a separate chunk of code, so functions can be defined anywhere.
% Ends a function definition.
#_# Is a comment.

Spaces are treated as NOPs. Any tabs or newlines are interpreted as whitespace and removed before interpreting.

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