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.⍸. (pronounced: nose) is an esoteric programming language made by User:AmNow, It was directed to look like emoticons with noses.


⍸ (Monadic): Save to the location of the pointer.
⍸ (Dyadic): if x is not 0 jump to instruction y. instructions start at 0.
⍸ (Niladic): Load the pointer as the number of dots directly~ after this command.
.: The number of dots in a row is the integer it represents, minus 1.
⨪ (Monadic): Output as a number.
⊙ (Monadic): Output as a Unicode Character.
(): Grouping.
- (Monadic): Logical NOT
- (Dyadic): Shift the data pointer right
- (Niladic): Shift the data pointer left

Every other character is ignored.

Operators can be forced to be a specific type, which can be done using parentheses.

~ If it looks like: ()⍸(), it will load after the directly after second set of parentheses.


Spam #s


Infinite loop


Computational Class

Language is Turing Complete, because it can simulate Smallfuck with Goto instructions