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Not to be confused with (.

) is an esoteric programming language made by User:AmNow.


)|<functions>) - Declare a new class, named the next character after the ). The rest should be functions. There are 2 classes named # and ⫵, which can’t be modified, They are used for storing integers and strings respectively.
]|args|body]- Declare a new function, named the next character after the ] ⩤ is the main function.
}condition|body{ - Makes a while loop.
“condition|body’ - Makes an if statement.
_condition^true-body^false-body_ - Makes an if-else statement.
[var]:<class|args> - Declares/Changes a variable to class with args(if necessary)
€[var]€ - References Variable.
»<Val/Var>,<Operator>,<Val/Var>« - Does math.
O’<Val/var>’ - Output.
I’[var]’ - Input into var. 
~ - Comment
§’<Val>’ Return.
@‘<function>\<args>’ Calls function with args.


Truth Machine

]⩤|| ~ Starts main function.
 i:<#|0> ~ Sets variable i to 0.
 I’€i€’ ~ Inputs variable i
 }»1,==,€i€| ~ Starts while loop
  O’1’ ~ Output 1.
 { ~ End while loop
 O’0’ ~ Output 0.