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(P™TM™)™ or (PowerPoint™ Turing Machine™)™ is an esoteric programming language created by Tom Wildenhain, which runs completely in Microsoft PowerPoint. It uses punch cards for the programming and requires manual clicking of the mouse to step trough the program. It is basically infinitely expandable, and seems to be fully Turing-complete, as it can basically be run as binary, and could support every program that can be created on a traditional binary computer. Expanding the interpreter can be hard, as it requires expanding every aspect of the punch card, which run over a tape, which can also be expanded infinitely.


  • Microsoft PowerPoint™ is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
  • Turing Machine™ is a trademark of Alan Turing.
  • (P™TM™)™ and (PowerPoint™ Turing Machine™)™ are trademarks of Tom Wildenhain.

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