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⫸fuck is a esolang. It's based on brainfuck, being a trivial brainfuck substitution that exchanges the original language's ASCII command identifiers by Unicode symbols of an approximately similar appearance.


Command in ⫸fuck Command in Brainfuck

⫸⫷⁜⌁⁕⁑⟬⟭'s Unicode is 0x2AF8, 0x2AF7, 0x205C, 0x2301, 0x2055, 0x2051, 0x27EC, 0x27ED respectively.


Hello, World!





A truth-machine implementation, dependent upon the byte range wrapping, and translated from [1], shall be adduced:



  • Common Lisp implementation of the ⫸fuck programming language. Please note that the concrete character set deployed constitutes a dependency on the Common Lisp implementation; in corollary, Unicode support may or may not be a feature incorporated in the personal environment. The interpreter at hand has been developed and tested with Steel Bank Common Lisp (SBCL) version 1.1.4 as part of the Lisp Cabinet 0.3.5 bundle.