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The title of this article is not correct because of technical limitations. The correct title is actually !aoQ>:.

!aoQ>: (pronunciation: Not a golfing language) is meant to be a golfing language made by User:AmNow. !aoQ>: tries to take as many ideas from many different languages as possible.


There is an implicit output at the end of every program. if there is nothing on the stack when the program ends, it will not print.

Command  What it does                            Origin
L        Push “Hello World” on stack             HQ9+
U        Push “U” (I’m sorry).                   ALLSCII
B        Same as 9 in HQ9+ but push instead      HQ9+
[        Start Loop                              BF
]        End Loop                                BF
()       Pushes string in () on the stack.       Underload
+        Add
-        Subtract
*        Multiply
/        Divide
%        Modulus
{}       Pushes number in {} on the stack.       Underload
@        Pop and run the string as a program.    Underload
o        Output top value on stack, popping it.
i        Input as a number.
I        Input as a string.
^        Move bottom value up                    1+
v        Move bottom value down                  1+
↺        Number to String                        ,,,
↻        String to number                        ,,,
⥀        Number to Unicode                       ,,,
⥁        Unicode to Number                       ,,,
p        Acts as p in ,,,.                       ,,,
!        Negate                                  
?        Equal Operator                          FALSE
¥        Pop
$        Swap
=        Duplicate
D        ROT13 Encrypt
O        : in Stop but with the stack.           Stop
«»       Infinite loop.
~        Logical Not
F        Push FizzBuzz(1 string)until top value. HQ9F+
⤽        Push the product of the entire stack.   ,,,
⤼        Push the sum of the entire stack.       ,,,
b        Push the Fibonacci # on stack.
n        Increment Top value on stack.           HQ9+
d        n, but decrement.  
u        Interpret top value as Underload.
\        Push 1 to top value on stack
±        Push sign of top value.






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