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*W is an esoteric programming language created by John Colagioia.

Programming in *W

It has seven data primitive data types, intended to cover every expected necessity, and many unexpected ones.

  • hole: A data type with only a single possible value, which may be used in place of a value of any other type.
  • bits: An arbitrary-length bitstring.
  • cplx: A complex number, i.e. the sum of a real part and an imaginary part. Takes the form (X + Yj), where X and Y are integers and j multiplied by j is -1. X and Y have an implementation defined range, with a minimum of {-32768 ... 32767}.
  • sack: A mutable collection of elements with operations such as packing, unpacking, and checking with other data.
  • dref: A pointer, or similar reference to a value of any data type.
  • name: A name given to another value.
  • chrs: A character string with an arbitrarily length.

Each program is split into sections, beginning with declarations of functions a.k.a. "Functions", then data type declarations a.k.a. "Stuff", then a sequence of statements a.k.a. "Text".

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