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implicit loop brainfuck is yet another brainfuck derivative by User:Transoptimal.

The original idea that inspired implicit loop brainfuck was:

esolang where the only conditional is smth like "skip next instruction if [condition]" and loops are achieved by the entire code being executed in a loop until an explicit halt


These are the differences between implicit loop brainfuck and brainfuck.

  • [ jumps past the next (not the matching) ] if the current cell is 0. every program that contains a non-zero amount of [ instructions must contain at least 1 ] instruction.
  • ] does nothing.
  • { has the same rules as [, except it jumps to and requires } instead of ], and its condition is the current cell not being 0.
  • } does nothing.
  • # halts execution.
  • during execution, the source code is treated as if it repeats infinitely; the instruction pointer loops back to the start when reaching the end of the code, and [ & { instructions at the end of the code can correspond to ] & } instructions at the start.


Note that since there currently does not exist any implementation of implicit loop brainfuck, all of these are untested.



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