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This article is a stub, which means that it is not detailed enough and needs to be expanded. Please help us by adding some more information. And also, it is going to be impossible to draw a diagram to represent a program in this language.

The Hyperspace programming language is an unbounded-dimensional programming language by User:Rdococ. The idea is that you interpret a program like a finite state transition table, with one axis representing user input and all of the others representing program variables.


A program in Hyperspace would be a vector field of n dimensions, for any n > 0. Running the program would involve getting the line where all but the input coordinates match with the starting coordinates - which are in n-1 dimensions - and then, getting the input and the n-1 dimensional hyperplane where the input coordinate equals the input, and picking the point where the two intersect. Then, repeating the process, but at the coordinates of the vector of the previous point. For example - the starting state is y=0,z=0, and you input x=3. The interpreter would check the vector of the point at x=3,y=0,z=0, say the vector was y=4,z=3, and then repeat with that, asking for input again and all that stuff.

Computational Class

In such a complicated system - where, keep in mind, points like y=3.5,z=3.1 are possible - the computational class of this language is yet to be known. Is it Turing complete? Probably not.