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True Blood is fantastic so far (1)

1 Name: pengli : 2011-08-05 06:51 ID:Bk+vTkWF

True Blood is fantastic so far. I[url=]True blood DVD[/url]t's a difficult show to put on all the characters and scenes. I think HBO did a great job in casting and setting different story lines in the show.[url=]Ghost Whisperer DVD[/url] They flesh out the characters, and we're slowly getting more into the story. The scenes with Sookie and Bill are mesmerizing. They try to take us on the road with Sookie in the last episode shows that vampires can be very dangerous. [url=]House MD DVD[/url]The music is spectacular, and the opening of each show is divine. [url=]Two and a Half Men DVD[/url]I am delighted that they have increased for a second season.

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