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Obsession of the man (2)

1 Name: Valery : 2011-04-13 05:11 ID:0oL606St

Obsession of the man is one of the most unknown and frightful phenomena, which stops evolutionary development of the man and brings its to full spiritual (and often to physical) death. The book and website "Obsession as a catastrophe" ( created by the group of not indifferent to this theme people. The materials was created on the personal practical experience of studying of the theme basing on the theory from the remarkable books of Blavatskaya E.P, Roerich H.I., Roerich N.K., Abramov B.N., Uranov N. and other names. The purpose of the creating of the book is necessity to pay attention of people on this terrible phenomenon for the conscious counteraction to it.

2 Name: Phone 4G : 2011-08-17 15:20 ID:McgVrU+g

Can I find this book in English? or is it only in Russian? How to get rid of obsession?

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