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Somewhat horrible language idea/implementation (1)

1 Name: tlvb : 2010-03-22 15:19 ID:YrA3bAFt

Hi, I created a small somewhat fungelike (2d, stack) language, thought I'd post the idea here.

General idea:
Each instruction is two characters;

  • The first character [a-h] depends next next instruction (the char enumerates the possible rook moves in chess)
  • The second character determines the action, most are similar to what exists in befunge.
    a-z pushes the ascii values onto the stack 0-9A-F pushes the 0-16 on to the stack.
  • ? signifies a branch, "a?" consumes one stack item and moves two up, one right if the item is != 0 and two down one left if the item is == 0.

I've written a small interpreter in python (takes one argument, the file to interpret): (the exact available instructions are listed in the comments)

A hello world program:

d* d# d# a$ f4
a- a: e?

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