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Is Befunge grammar context-free or context-sensitive? (2)

1 Name: Jake : 2009-08-14 02:48 ID:T+WsH8Nm

Hi, I had an idea a few days ago to create a textual, two-dimensional, declarative, domain-specific language for describing graphs and graph-like structures. While trying to work out how to formalize the grammar language, I discovered Befunge, which is also a textual, 2d language. I'm wondering, is Befunge's syntax context-free or context-sensitive? Would it be possible to describe it using EBNF notation? I've been searching for this on the interwebs, but have yet to find it. Any guidance would be appreciated.



2 Name: Ørjan : 2009-08-14 20:58 ID:dW+lWfZ0

Befunge is self-modifying, and a program part doesn't need to be syntactically correct until it is actually run. So I would assume its syntax is not even decidable.

Even without modification, I cannot imagine it being context-free, with program flow cutting across lines. Maybe context-sensitive though, that's equivalent to linear space computations and I think those can do a lot of soundness checking.

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