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Programmed in Batch.

@echo off
del "licorne.bat">nul
ping -n 1 -w 10 >nul
echo @echo off >>licorne.bat
set ln=-1
set /a ln=ln + 1
batbox /k
if %errorlevel%==23 goto hurlerAuxLicornes
if %errorlevel%==22 goto chierUnArcEnCiel
if %errorlevel%==9 goto demanderABitou
if %errorlevel%==3 goto compterLesArcsEnCiel
if %errorlevel%==16 goto stopperCesKinderBueno
if %errorlevel%==112 goto arreterDiscretos
if %errorlevel%==80 goto arreterDiscretos
if %errorlevel%==1 goto chialerDevantTitanicPendantMillisecondes
if %errorlevel%==59 goto 1
if %errorlevel%==105 goto insererUneImageBMPFabulous
if %errorlevel%==73 goto insererUneImageBMPFabulous
if %errorlevel% neq 73 if %errorlevel% neq 105 if %errorlevel% neq 59 if %errorlevel% neq 1 if %errorlevel% neq 80 if %errorlevel% neq 112 if %errorlevel% neq 16 if %errorlevel% neq 3 if %errorlevel% neq 9 if %errorlevel% neq 23 if %errorlevel% neq 22 goto lpl
batbox /k
if %errorlevel%==41 goto sauvegarder
if %errorlevel% neq 41 goto lpl
echo inserer une image.$[image.bmp].^&x.œy.~z.FABULOUS;
set /p inserer=$
set /p x=^&
set /p y=œ
set /p z=~
echo insertbmp /p:%inserer% /x:%x% /y:%y% /z:%z% >>licorne.bat
goto lpl
batbox /g 0 0 /c 0xF0
set /p sauv=Sauvegarder dans le dossier (copiez, clic droit, collez :D): 
copy "licorne.bat" "%sauv%"
copy "insertbmp.exe" "%sauv%"
copy "batbox.exe" "%sauv%"
ping -n 1 -w 1000>nul
del "licorne.bat"
echo @echo off >>licorne.bat
set ln=-1
color 0F
goto lpl
set /p hurler=hurler.$.aux licornes; $
echo echo %hurler% >>licorne.bat
goto lpl
echo chier un.$=^&; $
set /p chier=$
set /p arcenciel=^&
echo set %chier%=%arcenciel% >>licorne.bat
goto lpl
echo demander.$=^&.… Bitou;
set /p demander=$
set /p bitou=^&
echo set /p %demander%=%bitou% >>licorne.bat
goto lpl
echo compter les.$=^&;
set /p compter=$
set /p arcsenciel=^&
echo set /a %compter%=%arcsenciel% >>licorne.bat
goto lpl
echo stopper ces Kinder Bueno
echo pause >>licorne.bat
goto lpl
echo s'arrˆter discr‚tos
echo pause^>nul >>licorne.bat
goto lpl
set /p chialer=chialer devant Titanic pendant.$.millisecondes; $
echo ping -n 1 -w %chialer%^>nul >>licorne.bat
goto lpl

There are also insertbmp.exe and batbox.exe external commands.