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drawkcaB (pronounced draw-cab) is a programming language concept by user:Maxsteele2. drawkcaB would, as might be expected, be written backward (excluding comments).

There is a drawkcaB version of every single language ever created. These are differentiated by adding the reversed name of the normal language to the end of drawkcaB. They are basically just a reversed version of the language.

drawkcaB version of Python: drawkcaB nohtyP

C++: drawkcaB ++C

drawkcaB: drawkcaB Backward --this is forward, though


Hello, World!

drawkcaB 3 nohtyP

)"!dlroW ,olleH"(tnirp

drawkcaB ++C

;"!dlroW ,olleH" << tuoc::dts


drawkcaB 3 nohtyP

)(tupni = i
:'0' == i fi
:'1' == i file
    :eurT elihw

drawkcaB ++C

;i >> nic::dts
{ )"0" == i(fi
    ;i << tuoc::dts
{ )"1" == i(fi esle }
    { );;(rof
        ;i << tuoc::dts


user:Ehulinsky created a compiler here: http://anothersitemadewith.weebly.com/drawkcab.html