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edits on pages You can also call me Gaham if you want

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Also it's i don't know how to download dark reader to use this wiki in my phon


most of the languages mentioned here are not going to have a short text mainly because i dont know what to say here also if you don't see some of the esolangs here. go to here. Why are they here? Becuase i am working on them or something else

  1. - Road signs as used as codes
  2. CLFCE - Assembly but we also understand what the cpu suposed to do
  3. (script()) - Javagony but JavaScript
  4. shell - shell
  5. 'interbasic - BASIC but INTERCAL
  6. ›*&«&^ - good luck trying to acttaly make something in here
  7. Uyjhmn-- - Uyjhmn n but easy...ish
  8. ?++ - This name just came from two messages in my clases viber group
  9. - unicode moment
  10. FlipFlop - uhhhh
  11. Branjunk - finally. Gaham made a brainfuxk esolang
  12. BASE - Gretings Progressbarians
  13. Postrado - i like postrado now -Edited statement from E.L.Mark when TGC critisized one of Mark's news intro list
  14. SPIKE - Was originally going to be called (F-$H)
  15. None, - Nope. but with syntax

Programlangs that i know how to program in them

  1. Most of Python
  2. Most of HTML
  3. Pascal.NET (The drawing stuff)
  4. Most of BASIC
  5. Some of Fancade

Other things