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20:21:37 <fizzies> navigator. :)
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20:21:53 <navigator> gimme good news
20:22:17 <fizzies> "CTCP VERSION reply from fizzies: irssi v0.8.6.CVS (20021211-2040) - OpenBSD-3.2-sparc"
20:22:24 <fizzies> that's good news.
20:23:20 <navigator> yeah... netboot worked, i guess
20:23:36 <fizzies> had to fight with it the whole night.
20:24:02 <fizzies> was a good idea to use random as the rarpd+bootparamd server.
20:24:16 <fizzies> then I had to fight more to get nfs operational on colin. but yes, it worked.
20:27:08 <navigator> is the machine working quickly?
20:29:15 <fizzies> well umm. it's a 70MHz ss5, and it feels a bit faster than the 100MHz ppc there. and a lot slower than the 1980MHz-intel-p4 that I use as the "dumb terminal" for it. -g
20:32:11 <fizzies> I'll start gradually migrating low-cpu-load-style services (dhcp, dns, ..) to it so I can promote it to my router-box when I get the second ethernet interface.
20:32:55 <navigator> i'm thinking of converting all (==both) my sparc hardware to solaris
20:33:48 <fizzies> hmm, well. openbsd is still the only os I'm aware of that can do source-based routing for ipv6 currently. none of the other *bsd, or linux, or solaris, can do that. that's my main reason for running obsd on it.
20:34:03 <fizzies> I tried solaris8/x86 few months ago.
20:34:16 <fizzies> it felt.. unixy.
20:34:20 <navigator> slooow
20:34:33 <navigator> today i touched a sco unix system
20:35:00 <navigator> i was at the installfest (named openfest) (openfest.teipir.gr)
20:35:08 <navigator> and they had an old/obsolYte computer museum
20:35:21 <navigator> and they had this x86 machine with sco, and wanted to shut it down, but didn't really know how :)
20:36:00 <fizzies> heh, I could have gotten a hp/apollo 'domain' workstation/server/whatever computer.
20:36:11 <fizzies> but I didn't really have place for it then.
20:36:21 <navigator> hm i was near a hpux machine today :-)
20:36:57 <fizzies> it was a insanely huge box, very dusty, and only removable media it had was a tape drive.
20:37:17 <fizzies> there were also some tapes of the DOMAIN operating system near it, but not the whole set.
20:37:32 <navigator> fuck i've been downloading 5M of gcc for solaris, only it was for sol9!
20:37:55 <fizzies> apparently it's a m68k based system.
20:38:15 <fizzies> at least some of the family are.
20:38:22 <navigator> hm installing linux from a tape drive should be funny
20:38:40 <fizzies> well, it had a network interface too. 10base2.
20:38:58 <navigator> right
20:39:12 <navigator> well, you know, ``down, not across''
20:46:39 <fizzies> hm, should test the sparc audio.
20:46:59 <navigator> modprobe cs4231 :-)
20:47:06 <navigator> obsd should have it set up automatically
20:47:32 <fizzies> it did.
20:48:02 <fizzies> "audiocs0 at sbus0 slot 4 ..", "audio0 at audiocs0"
20:51:06 <fizzies> need something to test with.. hm, ftp.funet.fi:/pub/Linux/kernel/SillySounds/english.au has been my default audio test file.
20:51:26 <fizzies> uh, that was scary.
20:51:47 <fizzies> didn't know it had an internal speaker like that.
20:52:06 <navigator> my sparc, and most afaik, have three audio outputs: the internal speaker (of high quality), the line out and the headphones
20:52:41 <fizzies> sparcclassic has only lineout and probably the speaker too. at least according to specs. this has headphone output connector too.
20:58:21 <navigator> 10base2 is the bns/coaxial net, right?
20:59:00 <fizzies> yeah.
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21:21:13 <calamari> hi
21:21:23 <navigator> hey calamari
21:21:49 <calamari> hi navigator
21:22:06 <navigator> hi calamari
21:22:17 <calamari> hi navigator
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22:37:11 <navigator> bbl
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22:39:03 <calamari> re
22:39:16 <navigator> ela
22:41:18 <calamari> +++++++++++++[>+++++++++>++++++++>+++>+++++>+<<<<<-]>++.>.-------.<---.>>.<<-.>>-------.<<++.-----.>>>--.>.---.
22:43:14 <navigator> good
22:43:37 <calamari> ?
22:43:49 <navigator> ?
22:46:19 <calamari> I should finish my bf basic compiler someday :)
22:46:39 <navigator> i should renew my speed supply
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23:15:35 <navigator> i have the internet drafts in a convenient tarbz2ball
23:15:51 <navigator> if anyone wants them he can get it from proteus.ee.teiath.gr:/pub/standards
23:15:55 <navigator> (in a few minutes)
23:16:01 <fizzies> how big ball is it?
23:17:38 <navigator> 27M
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